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I’ve heard it said that sanctification is becoming in practice what our position is in Christ. We’re already in the position, now we need to learn to become what we are.

God gave us volition, so when He redeems us, we are still able to choose whether we participate in this sanctification process. But considering all God has done for us and all the help He makes available to us, why do we so often drag our feet with the process? Sometimes it can be like a healthy diet or going to the gym regularly: we’re ready to do it and we’re on board with it in the first few days, but then it gets little more difficult. We know it’s good for us and will help us in the long run, but sometimes we just don’t wanna.

But let’s remember that we’re not doing this completely by ourselves. God is the one in charge of the sanctification and the only one who can actually get it completed. We just need to get on the same page with God and let Him guide us along. Whether the process gets easier or more difficult, God isn’t going to be careless with you. You’re a special treasure that He has and is setting apart for Himself!

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