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Sometimes when reading the Bible I have some questions. The ones I’ve picked for this post aren’t particularly important, I was just curious. Please look them up yourself to see if you find anything different or something that explains more! (I haven’t included sources just so you’ll go look things up yourself.)

How hairy was Esau that goat skins were an appropriate disguise for Jacob? (Genesis 27:11-16) I looked it up and the Hebrew word used for “hairy” in Genesis 27:11 actually has the connotation of being shaggy like a goat! I looked at the account of Esau’s birth since he was hairy since he was born, and that word (Genesis 25:25) sounds like he was quite the little mess of hair!

What was showbread like, and how did it feed David and his men with him? (Leviticus 24:5-8; 1 Samuel 21:3-6) My dad, brother, and I decided to ask this yesterday and found out that one single loaf/cake of showbread was pretty big! In Leviticus 24:5 we find the amount of flour used for each single loaf was two tenth deals of an ephah. Depending on the estimate, this could be anywhere from 6 pints to 4 quarts of flour each! Depending on the estimate, just the flour in each one weighed in at possibly 2-6 pounds! Some estimate even more! Even on the low end, those were twelve hefty pieces of bread!

Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? (Genesis 2:7, 21-22) I don’t know. Since belly buttons are essentially a birth scar from the umbilical cord attached in the womb, it stands to reason that they didn’t have them. God could have just put them on anyway, but I don’t know whether or not He actually wanted to. Makes me wonder though, if they didn’t have belly buttons, what did they think when their children had them? Did God explain it or did they just figure it out?

Since the first few generations of humanity lived for several hundred years, how old was old enough to start thinking about getting married and settling down? How old was too old for a woman to have children? (Genesis 5) Was it like: “Dad, I’m only a hundred. There’s no need for me to think about a wife just yet.” Or like: “Mom, I’m only 67, I have plenty of time to think about having children.” I don’t know.