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The physical gathering of a local body of believers in Christ is very important. If it weren’t, the early Christians wouldn’t have done it so much (under persecution at that!) and it wouldn’t be written in the Bible that we shouldn’t stop doing it (Hebrews 10:25). I understand that not all of us are able to go to church all the time and I understand the reasons why, but when we can go and we don’t, we’re depriving ourselves.

Assembling regularly with other believers encourages us to keep on when things get tough, to hold on to our faith. We come to the table of God’s Word and “eat” together as we learn, feasting on Godly wisdom. We can encourage and provoke each other to be better. There’s only so much of all that you can get with distanced communication. There’s something about being in person with other people who believe with you that can’t be replicated anywhere or any way else. Worshiping Jesus together brings a fellowship you can’t get alone or “separately together.”

On top of that, since part of the church’s function is to reach out to and serve it’s local community, you need people regularly getting together and getting in tune with each other and with God’s will for that church’s ministries. We are supposed to show people who Jesus is, what He is like, and how much He loves them. We can’t do that without being in unity with Him and each other, banding together to actually do the work.

Related to this, you and I have God-given gifts, talents, and abilities that He wants us to use in the context of church. We should be serving our brothers and sisters within the church, serving our brothers and sisters outside the church, and serving the unsaved outside the church. Working together with others helps us use these abilities to greater effect and efficiency, and we all get to bless each other.

There are plenty of other reasons to gather together with your local church members. Please tell me some of your personal reasons and experiences on the importance of church.