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There are a lot of things about and in the Bible we don’t understand. God didn’t give us exact and precise details, but He did tell us all we need to know. That doesn’t stop us from being curious and forming ideas, like how it looked when God created the world and what Heaven will be like, but we really do have all we need.

Some people say when we get to Heaven that all our questions will just be answered. Some say we’ll be able ask anything we want because God is right there to explain what He did or what He meant. Some say most, if not all, of our questions won’t even be important anymore. Whichever of these is true, I’m inclined to agree with another sentiment that I’ve heard: When we get to Heaven, we’ll all look around and say, “Oh!”

Oh, that’s how this worked! Oh, I thought that would be much different! Oh, I didn’t know about that! Just generally a collective, multi-faceted, “Oh!”