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So I asked God to show me some things about prayer. Last night in the sermon I got something that crept up on me like a gentle breeze in the grass and then hit me like a tidal wave.

Let me put some context around it. In the Bible when Jesus prayed “not my will but Thine” in the garden, He asked His disciples to pray with Him (Matthew 26:36-44; Mark 14:32-40; Luke 22:39-46). In other places the Bible tells us that Jesus prays for us (Romans 8:34; Hebrews 7:25). After that being established in the sermon, there was part of a quote saying to “join in with the praying that Jesus wants to do through you.”

Maybe the reason so many are bad at praying is because we don’t do it. Maybe we don’t pray enough. Maybe we aren’t praying for the right things. Maybe we just aren’t praying with Jesus. Which makes me think of what James wrote about prayer in James 4. You can’t pray selfishly and think you’ll get anything out of it.

We need to pray God’s will. Not that we can’t talk to Him about the things that we want and feel, we just need to stop and find out what God wants. Prayer isn’t just you talking, it’s also you listening. God has good things in store that He will accomplish, and we need to be in tune with Him. Join with Jesus in your prayers and be a part of His plan.

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