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I was reading some of my written notes again. I’ve chosen a few convicting words to share today.

If you give God 99% and leave out 1%, you are not holy. God demands 100%. That’s what He gave you.

God can and will supply all your needs! Don’t look at yourself and say you can’t. It’s not about you; its about God! He’s the Boss. Trust Him and do what He says.

Never be too proud to say, “I’m sorry.”

You can be better for your crisis, or you can be bitter. Go to God. Psalm 55:22

God’s standard for us is not a list of “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots,” the standard is a Person. The standard is God Himself. Matthew 5:48

We can never hope for our hearts to be any bigger than our knowledge of God’s heart.

How big is God? When your world becomes smaller and smaller, so does your concept of God.

Everything God does is eternally significant.