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Many people have mixed feelings about Christmas. The commercialism has a tendency to suck the joy out of it. But remembering that it’s about the first coming of Jesus makes it so joyous!

But let’s not forget the whole purpose for the first coming: to die for our sins and to rise again from the dead! Easter is why we have Christmas, and Christmas is why we have Easter.

For those of us who are missing loved ones for Christmas, that is especially comforting. The power of what Jesus has done assures us that our loved ones are in Heaven, spending Christmas with the reason for Christmas Himself! And one day we’re going to see them again! (I Thessalonians 4:13-18)

If you have all your loved ones with you, great! Celebrate God’s blessings together!

If you do not have all of your loved ones with you, you can still celebrate God’s blessings with the ones you do have. Take comfort in God’s love and promises! Let God hold your hand, let God hold you like a little child.

Rest in and celebrate God’s love, power, and promises!

Merry Christmas!