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Lately I’m sure you’ve noticed the whole world going through the same thing, and everyone is handling it differently. I’d like to remind or bring newly to your attention that missionaries are having just as hard a time as the people to whom they minister. Some missionaries are having support trouble. Some can’t come back from their mission field, and some can’t go back to their mission field. Ministries for many have become much more complicated lately.

But the work must continue. God doesn’t stop just because everyone else does. God is working just as much now as He always has, and maybe even more! We have an opportunity that doesn’t come just every day. This is a new situation for us, and God is pointing us towards using it. God has plans! Just because our plans have fallen apart or need tweaking doesn’t mean that God was just as surprised as we were. He saw this coming, and He knows what to do about it.

Keep praying for and supporting your missionaries. Help them whenever and however you can, especially now. Lately we’ve all been in the same fleet of boats in the same storm cell. Let’s be open to God’s prompting on and off the technical mission field, and participate in what He is doing!

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