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As you walk through life, you will find that sometimes you must also run and swim. There are many twists and turns, and it gets to be quite the adventure!

There are decisions to make, and consequences both good and bad! There’s a never-ending supply of new people to meet! There are countless opportunities for friendship! There are so many places you might go! There are so many things you might do!

But you know how people in stories go on adventures, right? They have to walk for a really long time. While adventure comes with its share of fun and excitement, it also comes with its share of plodding along without much else to do.

As you plod along you must have a target, or there will be no point to all your hard work. When you have a target, an end point, a goal, it will make the plodding easier. But your point is still pointless if it isn’t worth all your work. Choose your destination wisely.

There will be times in your adventure that will require so much plodding that you will question whether or not your goal is worth it. You might think about giving up or just going somewhere else. You might think about stopping altogether. After all, it’s pretty nice here, right?

But if your destination is really worth it, you won’t stop. You will keep on, faithfully plodding. You want – you need – what is at the end of this adventure. You let God show you the correct paths to take, and you listen to the wise people along the way. Sometimes you have people walking with you. Sometimes it’s just you and God.

God has a special adventure that He made just for you. He has a great reward at the end of it, and He’s promised that it will be worth it.

Besides, He’s walking right along with you.