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Many little things in life affect much more than we think they do. Things that we consider little or disconnected are actually crucial pieces to a larger whole.

In the human body there are many pieces and parts, but they’re all one piece together. If something is wrong with just one thing, it will affect the functions of the whole. Got a small infection? Better take care of that before it spreads everywhere else. Got a toothache? You feel miserable, possibly unable to eat, and your whole body has to take the tooth to the dentist. Got a problem with your appendix or gallbladder? For something so small, that can be a lot of pain and you’ll need that taken care of as soon as possible. Even and especially down to the cellular level, if something isn’t working right it will cause you big problems!

In the human life there are many pieces and parts, but they all work together. Your decisions, no matter how private, affect more than just you, and the decisions of people around you, no matter how private, affect you and more people around you. This is especially apparent when you are related to someone, close friends with them, or one of you is a leader over the other. What you do with one aspect of your life will seep out into the others. Keeping compartments only works for so long, since everything was made to be interconnected and work properly together. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t have boundaries, just know that you can’t and shouldn’t always keep every little thing separate from others.

In human society there are many pieces and parts, and that’s even more complicated! If there is a breakdown even in the smallest unit, the whole thing can crumble. That’s why when you don’t have healthy families you lose healthy communities. When people are divided at the family level, it’s hard and often nearly impossible to have healthy relationships with others. When the sense of community is harmed or deadened, then the community cannot function properly, if at all. If no one has good relationships with the people around them, there’s little reason to care about anyone. If no one cares, then no one will bother to help anyone else.

No man is an island, and even if he was, islands have an affect on the global ecosystem, too.

God did not design us to be disconnected pieces with no place or function. While humans certainly are not just cogs in a machine, we do each have important functions, roles, and purposes that we fulfill or don’t, depending on our willingness to do them.

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