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Another piece of conversation I had with my dad a little while back while talking about Judas betraying Jesus, was about knowing and loving. I don’t actually know when Jesus knew Judas would betray Him. Did He know before He even called Judas? Did God let Jesus know that early? Jesus certainly knew at the Last Supper. Yet no matter when Jesus knew, He still loved Judas and expressed that, giving him every chance. Then my dad asked the question, if we were all-knowing, would we be all-loving?

God is all-knowing and all-loving. Yes, at the same time. He knows what’s in every human and He loves us all anyway. But if I as a flawed human were to be all-knowing, would I still be loving? If I knew that someone was going to take all the love and relationship I’d built with them and just toss it all back in my face while still pretending to be my friend, would I still bother? Would I still love them and give them a chance? Would I hate them for something they haven’t even done yet? If I knew that all my effort to help someone would never be accepted, would I even offer in the first place? If I knew that someone would squander all the help I was giving them, would I still give it? If I knew someone was going to utterly refuse me when I offered to help save them from danger, would I still use up my time to try?

God does all of that and more. God knows every person who will and will not accept Him, yet He gives everyone the chance anyway. He knows just how He will be accepted or rejected, and still He persists. No one can ever say that God didn’t try. No one can ever say that God never gave them a chance.

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