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When you believe in and realize you need what Jesus did for us in His life, burial, and resurrection (in short, getting saved), you get the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit “part” of God comes to live in you, giving you free and full access to all the help and direction you need from Him.

Besides that help, you also get as much of it as everyone else! When you get saved, you get all of the Holy Spirit, the “full download” as my pastor likes to put it. You don’t have any more or any less than any other Christian. You get full access immediately. It’s almost like a self-paced, fully customized learning course. You get the full download, all of the resources you need, and you work together with the Holy Spirit on all the specific lessons you need to learn, when you need to learn them.

But though I have all of the Holy Spirit, but does He have all of me?

So frequently we cannot let go of what we want, even when we know it’s not as good as what God could give us instead. So frequently we don’t access all of the Holy Spirit because we don’t want to. So frequently we mentally assent that God’s idea is better than ours, but we don’t let that affect our actions. Giving all of ourselves to God is a lifelong process, and He through and as the Holy Spirit is there to lead the way.

Am I giving God as much of me as He’s given me of Himself?

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