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There are a lot of things that God does that seem backwards to us. But considering that God is the one doing them, He must be doing them correctly.

For example when someone agrees with God about their sin, repents of it, believes in God, and gives Him control of their life (gets saved), they become God’s representative. They’ve just met God and don’t know much about Him just yet, and He makes them His representative.

In another way getting saved is a little bit like being knighted before you know what that knighthood means. In medieval times knighthood was something you worked hard to earn. Each knight was a servant boy first, and had to prove himself worthy before he was given the title and position. But with God you don’t earn the title or prove your worthiness to obtain it. God “knights” people before they fully know what it means to be His knight and then teaches them over time the privilege and responsibility of it.

Here’s a “crazy” one: We say, “Show me, and I’ll trust you.” God says, “Trust Me, and I’ll show you.” Because we’re human we know that we can’t trust other humans, sometimes even if they do show us. But God can be trusted before He even shows you anything. God wants your trust so He can show you the wonderful, absolutely good things that He does! Trust God first and you will never regret it.

Is there anything “backwards” God has done in your life that you would like to share?