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The Bible often talks about faithfulness. It is a requirement for the children of God.

Sometimes when we think of faithfulness, we think of Biblical heroes, or great missionaries and pastors, or maybe certain people in our own churches. You can see how big their faith is. But while it isn’t wrong to have an extremely visible faith, faith is not something that you can always see. Faith doesn’t always feel really big or grand all the time, either. But you are still supposed to be faithful.

Jesus tells us that we only need to start with a little faith (Matthew 17:20; Luke 17:6). As you are faithful in small things, you will learn to be faithful in bigger things. Your faith will grow, but not by itself. Be like Jesus’ disciples and say, “Lord, increase my faith.” (Luke 17:5)

While it may seem mundane or tedious, be faithful with what you have right now. If you can’t be faithful with what little you have, then why would you be able to handle anything bigger? (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-27)

Being faithful is like repeatedly practicing a movement so you can do it without thinking. It is like learning your basic schooling before you are able to move on to more difficult subjects. It is like practicing musical scales so you can play your instrument better than before, and play more difficult music. It is like training and exercising in boot camp so you don’t collapse or die later. It is like going on an epic quest where you have to do a lot of walking before you get anywhere or anything. It is like growing a huge plant from a tiny seed.

Being faithful is doing exactly what God told you to do where you are right now, and doing it until He tells you to do something else. Keep looking to the One who gave you this job, and trust Him to know what’s best. It doesn’t matter if everyone or no one else around you is faithful. It matters if you are faithful.