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Don’t you just love being right? To know that you have the answer, the truth, the solution, when someone else doesn’t, is such a thrilling thing. But what are you going to do with that knowledge?

To be right even further, you would obviously share this knowledge. After all, someone else needs to know if they are wrong. But they don’t need you to hang it over their heads and say, “I’m right. You’re wrong. Ha!” Because if you share it like that, it sounds like you’re the one who’s wrong. No one likes to be wrong. It makes us feel bad – even defensive or angry.

Now let’s flip the positions in this scenario. What if you’re wrong and someone else is right? Don’t you just hate that? I want to be the one who is right – all the time!

But honestly, what does happen when someone else is right and you aren’t? Whether they tell you very sweetly, or whether they make you feel bad about it, you do need to take their right-ness or wrong-ness into consideration. I don’t like to admit someone else is right if they make me feel bad or stupid. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t right.

Do I mean to tell you that someone can be right about something, but still be wrong in the way they go about it? Yes. Do I mean to tell you that you should still listen to the part that’s right, even though you really don’t want to? Yes.

I know. That last one’s an outrageous idea.

But it’s a good one. Bleh.

But it shouldn’t be as distasteful as it sounds. This next part is probably more for me than for anyone else.

First, see if this person really is right. If you’re upset at them in a defensive way, they might be at least partially right. (Audible sigh.) Talk to God about it. He’ll tell you for sure.

Second, if this person is not right, you may disregard their advice. But if they are right, you need to ask God to help you change appropriately. Yep. God said they were right about that one thing. Now you have to do something about it. (Another audible sigh.)

But that’s okay. God loves you, so you know that this is for your own good. You know this is something that you need to change so He can use you better. Who knows what you’re missing out on? Drop your pride and pick up some humility. You’ll feel a lot better in the long run. And then you’ll be right again!

Here’s a box. Have some take-away to put in it: It all comes down to what God says is right. Is God right? Then follow His direction.