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We humans just love being smart, don’t we? We love to know things that other people don’t. We love to think that we are so highly intelligent. We have the ability to think through things and use logic! We can make well thought out decisions.

While God didn’t make us to be prideful about our intelligence, He did give us intelligence on purpose. He wants us to make personal decisions and to think for ourselves. Why? Because if we didn’t make our own decisions, we would be like robots carrying out our programming. We wouldn’t think and we wouldn’t love. We wouldn’t have any other thoughts or emotions. When it comes to our belief in God, we wouldn’t have any decision to make.

So we have the ability to think and to choose, and we just love to use it! We like to be smart. We like to use our minds and think in great detail. But we end up being so full of our own way of “thinking” that when God makes us think, we don’t get it. We don’t understand. We don’t see.

God likes to make us think. If you have a question, He might answer you with another question. The Bible tells us when Jesus was performing His earthly ministry, He would often answer a question with another question. God wants you to think. He wants you to know. God convicts and convinces with logic. If you don’t think something through and know it, then you’ll be less likely to understand it or even believe it – especially when someone calls you into question.

But while God gave us the ability to use logic, we can still be misguided. When our logic is misguided, we believe the wrong things, even though they seem perfectly right and well thought out. Be careful where you walk from and where you walk to with your logic. God can and will show you when you are wrong, but it will only help you if you take a good look and you listen to Him. It isn’t fun to be wrong, but you’ll be better for it once you’re corrected.

Use the thinker that God gave you, and use it correctly. After all, it is only logical.