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When Jesus was born here on earth, it was a humble birth. The King of the universe was not born in an important place to people of position and power. He was born in a stable to a carpenter and his wife.

So when the King of the universe is born, what do you do about a birth announcement? God had the perfect plan. He sent angels to shepherds that were watching their sheep out in the fields.

Shepherds were out away from their houses and towns for long periods of time while they watched their sheep. They would spend day and night outside with their sheep, protecting them from wild animals and robbers, watching them to be sure they didn’t stray away, and taking them to different grazing and watering places when the current one was used up. If nothing attacked the sheep, the day was likely boring if you brought nothing else to occupy yourself. If the weather permitted, the shepherds would keep their sheep out in the open fields at night, probably taking turns who watched and who slept.

So imagine what it must have been like for an ordinary shepherd on an ordinary work night when angels came to announce the birth of the very Son of God!

Perhaps one or two were awake for their turn to watch when suddenly – angels and brightness! The appearance frightened them, and certainly woke up all the other shepherds. Probably scared the sheep, too. But the Bible doesn’t say whether or not the shepherds cared about that. Considering the news the angels had, they probably didn’t care!

So off to the town the shepherds ran! God has let us know that His Son has been born! He’s come as a baby! He’s in a stable, in a feed box!

The Bible says that after the shepherds had seen Jesus, they went around telling everyone all about it! Everyone who heard them wondered and marveled.

That’s how God announced the birth of His Son. He loves to do unlikely things and surprise us!