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I find it fascinating that specific points in life can produce a bitter person or a better person. The same thing can happen to two different people, and the choice they make in response to this problem will determine a lot about them and their future by the end of it.

For example, some people like to justify a villain by pointing out his troubled past. Somehow that makes it okay, or “not his fault.” While he likely had no control over the things that happened to him, he certainly had control over how he would respond. Is that fair? Well a hero usually has a troubled past also, but the hero ended up better for it. Is that also “not his fault”?

The villain cannot blame his past, and the hero cannot take credit for his. The circumstances are not in their control, but their responses are in their control.

But let me also bring up fallen human nature. While we can make some fairly “good” decisions about our own lives, we can’t do it consistently or on our own, and we certainly don’t always know the best response to have. But since God knows everything and loves us, He can help us make the right decisions. The circumstances in our lives are beyond our control, but God is in control of everything. Nothing sneaks up on God. Nothing surprises God.

God knows what He’s doing. He sees beyond your circumstances. He is in control of them, but He allows you to make the choices. Are you going to be miserable or joyful in the middle of it? Are you going to be bitter or better by the end of it? Do you trust God to take care of you?