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Sometimes it’s good to go back and brush up on some things you haven’t done in a while. You might find out there are plenty of things you’re still good at. You might find out you’re not still good at some of it. On the bright side, it takes less time to relearn it when you’re just brushing up.

Sometimes I need to brush up on a physical discipline. Then I find out I can’t do as many push-ups or squats as I used to, so I work back up. Sometimes I focus on one particular thing and find I’m better at it than I used to be because I’ve been working at it with other exercises.

Sometimes I need to brush up on some answers to important theological and Biblical questions. I know the answer for a lot of things and I have them settled for myself, but sometimes I forget how to explain an answer and how I came to it. I may not need an answer for myself since I’m already convinced, but sometimes someone else might need the answer.

Sometimes while I’m brushing up on whatever topic or activity, I find out new things about it. Sometimes I have a new realization about it. This becomes helpful for me and whoever I might relate this information to.

Take some time to brush up on something. It’ll do you and maybe someone else some good.