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I’ve been thinking lately about how life’s surprises can really reveal your character. It’s easy to act like you have it all together under normal daily life and stresses, but once life throws a curve-ball directly into your face you might surprise people with how you react. You might even surprise yourself.

It’s like carrying a bucket full of liquid. When walking along steadily you’ll barely spill out a little, if even that much. But if someone bumps into you or you trip, the contents of the bucket come pouring out. Whatever is in that bucket will determine the reaction gotten when it spills.

While we don’t like to spill, there are times when a bucket should be poured out. You’re carrying that liquid somewhere for a reason. If that liquid is water, you’re probably carrying it to water or wash something. If that liquid is sludge, you’re probably carrying somewhere to get rid of it. Either way the purpose is not to keep it for yourself, you’re supposed to use it or put it somewhere. You can’t just carry a bucket around without releasing the contents at some point.