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It has been Vacation Bible School week at my church, and we’ve been having so much fun! We’ve been enjoying songs, Bible lessons, snacks, crafts, and awards!

As far as the songs go, I can sing them just fine. But they have motions. Now, I’m not a motions kind of gal. I can carry a tune, but I can’t do much else at the same time. My sister is one of the song leaders, and she called me up yesterday to do some of these song motions. I was saying no. But one of the little boys in my class asked me to do it for him. So I sighed and I did.

I stunk. I didn’t know the motions very well, I hadn’t had any practice, and I certainly had no confidence. But I made what I will call… an attempt. I have mixed feelings about the whole experience.

When I sat back down I asked the boy how I did, saying that I didn’t feel like I did very well. Guess what he said.

“No, you were actually terrible.”

Thanks buddy.

I actually really do appreciate the honesty! I find straightforward, childlike honesty very refreshing. It is received better when the honesty comes from innocence or love, but I like it because it helps you know what you are doing right or wrong so you can do better.

So the next time someone tells you that you were actually terrible, don’t take it too hard!