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In Sunday School, the two and three year olds have been learning about Jesus feeding five thousand people (Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:32-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-13). A little boy shared his lunch with Jesus, and Jesus made a miracle. To see how much they’ve learned so far, they were asked questions.

“Jesus had been on a boat with His disciples. They were out on the sea of what?”

“Water,” one replied.

“Yes, it was water. It wasn’t milk or Kool-Aid. But it was called the Sea of Galilee.”

“Gatorade. The Sea of Gatorade,” said another.

I giggled as quietly as possible.

After that was straightened out, we moved on. “People followed Jesus wherever He went. So Jesus taught the people about how to love God, and how to live your life, and how to love your neighbor. He taught them a lot of things. Well, it was getting late, and it was supper time! The people were hungry. So Jesus called all His disciples. ‘Disciples, come here,’ he said. ‘Yes, Master?’ said the disciples. The disciples called Jesus ‘Master.’ And Jesus said, ‘These people are hungry. Give them something to eat.’ So what did the disciples say?”

“Oh, hey Jesus!”

I giggled again and exchanged a glance with the other teachers.

The lesson continued as normal, and the account was told without much further humor, but I was still snickering about it afterwards. Children are the best at re-telling the Bible!

Anyone else have a child’s version of the Bible?