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We combined the little kids’ classes last night and we’ve started lessons on Christmas. When the kids were asked what they thought of when they heard “Christmas,” they talked about Santa Claus and presents. So the teacher explained that while these things are not bad, they are not what Christmas is really about.

Leading into a question, the teacher told the children that Christmas is really about Jesus being born. She then asked the kids what God’s greatest gift to us is, and all kids thought for a moment. Then one of the boys confidently raised his hand and said, “Money.”

“No, God’s greatest gift to us is Jesus,” the teacher explained. She then taught the kids about Jesus being born.

But don’t worry. Upon questions during the lesson, the children knew the answers fairly well. They know what Christmas is about. A few of them are also sure that they would not be afraid if they saw a real angel like Mary did.

I’ve gotten to thinking, though. Like children, sometimes we need to be reminded that Christmas isn’t about all the stuff and money. Christmas is about the beginning of God’s greatest gift. Christmas is all about Jesus!