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I taught the 2 and 3 year olds about Noah’s Ark again last night. They were a little wiggly and noisy this time around, but I got some interesting answers to my questions.

“People got so bad that God said He was going to destroy the whole earth with a flood. But God saved Noah and his family because they were doing what God said to do. So what did God tell Noah?”


“No, God didn’t tell Noah puppies. He told Noah to build what?”

“A robot!”

Sometimes it gets hard not to laugh when you’re trying to be a little serious, so I laughed.

“Nope. Did God tell Noah to build a house?”


“Did God tell Noah to build a table?”


Finally someone piped up and said, “An ark!”

“Yes! An ark!”

We eventually got to the part about all the animals. Each child took a turn to pick out two matching origami animals that I had made. We tried to make noises for some of them. I found that I can sound like a very unconvincing elephant, which made everyone laugh.

The rest of the lesson went fairly well with plenty of participation, and I’m reasonably certain that no one has gone home thinking that Noah built a robot.

Reasonably certain.