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In the 2 and 3 year old Sunday School class we’ve been talking about the boy Samuel. His mother asked God for him, she gave him back to God, and God then called him. Sometimes I’m not sure if all the kids are paying attention, but after a while I always find out that they are.

Yesterday there was only one little boy to teach. After the lesson and coloring page, we still had some time left. So I pulled the flannel graph out again and asked him to tell the Bible story. He set up the pictures on the board just like I had, and began to teach the way he remembered me and the other teacher doing in the past few weeks. He mumbled about Hannah praying for a baby and Eli coming to talk to her. Then he set up the board with Samuel and Eli sleeping in their beds. He pretended to sleep and snore, then he cupped his hands around his mouth and, in the deepest voice he could reach, said, “Samuel.” He picked up the Samuel figure and walked it over to Eli. He mumbled their conversation and Eli told Samuel to “go back to bed.”

Getting up and going back to bed was repeated more times than it was in the actual Bible story. I think this was his favorite part! Eventually we got to the part where Eli told Samuel it was God calling, and when Samuel heard his name again he listened to what God had to say.

The whole lesson this little boy taught was so cute! If you ever want to hear a Bible story in a new, fresh way, have a child tell it to you. It’s fun!