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Praising God is not always something you will feel like doing. But it is a good thing to do. Really, God’s very nature demands that you praise Him. I mean, He created you, gives you everything you have, and takes you through every breath you breathe. If you don’t praise God, then you aren’t looking at Him.

Even when you’re going through the toughest time you’ve ever experienced in your life, you should still praise God. He is the reason you are alive to work through this, and He is the reason that you will get through this. But you won’t get through it without going to Him. You have to choose to praise. Why?

Because when you choose to praise, you are looking where you should be. You are looking at your awesome, wonderful, terrifying, powerful God who will help you because He loves you. God may give you something that you can’t handle, but He will always be there to help you handle it. So praise Him, because as you do that you will listen to Him and realize things that you didn’t before.

Easy for me to say, right?

Actually, yes. It is easy to say because I’ve been through this kind of situation. A few years ago my Grandma died. When I heard that she was going to die, I felt instantly horrible and so sad that I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to ask God for help, but I couldn’t even think words inside my head. It was like when a part of your body goes numb because it got hit really hard.

But I chose to praise. I went to my piano keyboard and played “Blessed Be Your Name.” In essence, the song says that whatever happens, I will praise God. God gives, and God takes away. “Still my heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be Your Name.”

Because I chose to praise, I was sitting right next to God. So because I was right there, help was easy to find and receive.

When you choose to praise, you will be sitting right next to God. Because you are right there, help is easy to find and receive.