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Believers in Jesus, have you ever stopped to think about what Christianity must sound like to someone who has no idea what we’re talking about?

We talk about God being beyond us yet He can see us at all times. We talk about how God is all-powerful and can do anything He wants at any time. Sometimes we talk about angels and demons. We talk about the spiritual realm. We talk about life going beyond death. We talk about the afterlife, how you determine whether you will spend it in paradise (Heaven) or torture (Hell), and how the destination is permanent.

We talk about Roman crucifixion, and how the horribleness of the cross is a symbol of something good for us. We talk about being washed in blood – we even sing about it! We talk about the dead rising! We talk about how all of this means that we can live in paradise with God Himself in the afterlife!

What is this? Do we know how to explain it? Do we know how to answer if someone asks us what is up with all this weird stuff?

2 Timothy 2:15; 1 Peter 3:15

Go read your Bible. Learning how to answer questions is one of the reasons God gave it to you.