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When Jesus came to be born here on earth, He disrupted a lot of people’s lives. But that’s what God does. He interrupts your plans and gives you His best ones.

Mary must have been very faithful for God to choose her to carry Jesus. But when Mary was pregnant before her and Joseph’s wedding plans, it appeared to others that Mary was unfaithful, causing her reputation to suffer. But Joseph, who must also have been very faithful for God to choose him to care for Jesus, married Mary anyway.

When Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph met some shepherds, whose night had been interrupted by a birth announcement. A couple years later, they met some wealthy wise men, who had traveled for a long, long time to find Jesus. Then Mary and Joseph had to flee to another country to keep Jesus safe.

As Jesus grew older, He stirred up many people’s hearts. He convicted people of their sin. Some of these people turned from their sin and followed Him. Some of these people turned away from Him and continued in their sin. Jesus also did miracles that caused no small stir for miles around.

When Jesus died, His friends were very sorrowful and they wondered what they would do. When He came back to life, there was no small stir about that the world over!

That’s what Jesus does when He comes into your life; He disrupts and interrupts you, ready to take you on the best and biggest adventure that you can ever have! It may be very difficult for much of it, but it is all for God’s good plan for you and the world!

Do you trust Him?