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With Easter practically here, I’ve been thinking more specifically about what Jesus did for us. For the parts I’m talking about, here are some Scripture references for part of the week of Jesus’ Passion: Matthew 21-27; Mark 11-15; Luke 22-23; John 12-19.

Jesus was in the area a week before His death and resurrection. He was spending time with His friends before He died, specifically around the time of Passover. He was also really upping His teaching to the multitudes and the disciples, being quite plain and open with His words (see some of the chapters before the ones I’ve referenced, and many of the John references). There were times He outright told His disciples He was going to die and rise again.

Sometimes I wonder what all went through Jesus’ mind and how He must have felt the week of His death. The Bible tells us quite a bit, yet I can’t fully imagine how it must feel to be immortal God on your way to die. Jesus was fully God and fully man, both at once. Death had no power over Him, and He was on His way to die.

I have no problem with the deity of Jesus, it’s His humanity that I just can’t get over. The Bible tells us Jesus was tempted like we are (Hebrews 4:15; Matthew 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-14). Because Jesus didn’t sin or back away from what He came to do, we often don’t realize how strong His temptations were. There were things Jesus actually could do, but He didn’t. And then have you ever noticed how heartbreaking it is when reading about Jesus asking God if there was a way out of dying? (Matthew 26:36-44, Mark 14:32-39, and Luke 22:40-44)

Again, I see the vulnerable humanity of Jesus even though He is God, and I almost don’t know what to do with it! Jesus was so completely stressed out that He sweated blood! Because Jesus was human as well as God at the same time, He knew what pain and suffering were. He was not looking forward to dying. Yes He’d rise again, but He’d have to go through real torture and agonizing pain first, including the agony and pain of being cut off from God as He paid for our sins!

But Jesus did God’s will anyway. Jesus loves us so much that He went through with it to save our lives!

Do you see it? Such love! This is why we call it the Passion!