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I’ve been to church camp twice, and for whatever reason I have found my notes from camp two years ago. I’ll share some pieces with you.

If you are going to love God you should know Him. If you are going to hate God you should know Him. You will either love God or hate Him. There is no happy, blissful middle ground.

Christian, you are the one with the alternate lifestyle! You are the weird one!

When you by your “kind silence” do not tell someone the truth, you take away their choice.

You need to see who you are before you can change.

God knows every secret about you. He still loves and pursues you to rescue you!

God’s standard is set by God, culture’s standard is set by people, and these standards do not agree.

We are not in charge of truth. Truth is what is regardless of what you think and feel about it.

Since we seek to be like our Father, we should do what He does. Jesus came to seek and save that which is lost. Lost. I’m never going to see you again lost.

Those around us don’t just need to be found, they need to be saved!

No one is going to Heaven because you won a debate, or because you thought highly of them. 100% of people in Heaven will be there because someone told them the Good News!

When you meet Jesus, you go away different. You either go away harder or go away softer.