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I’ve heard it said that if Jesus doesn’t have all of you, then He doesn’t have you at all. If you’re born again, you can’t and shouldn’t keep pieces of yourself from Jesus. You can’t and shouldn’t try keeping sections of your life to yourself. Becoming the holy person that you are in Jesus takes time and effort with Jesus. If you’re trying to keep a part of yourself or your life from Jesus, then you’re trying to keep a part of you from being holy.

Sometimes in life you can have both-and, but with Jesus and salvation it is either-or. You must make a choice: All or Nothing. Something partially clean is still dirty. You don’t eat off of partially clean dishes. You shouldn’t use partially clean diapers on babies. You’d rather not sleep in a partially clean bed. Are you going to do what Jesus calls you to do, or are you going to do what you want? Are you going to follow Jesus completely, or are you not going to follow Him at all? Are you going to do the right thing or the wrong thing? Are you going to do what is simply better, or what is truly best?