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With all the storms popping up these days, I thought I should share sermon notes from yesterday morning. We all have storms in our lives (literal and otherwise), regardless of who and where we are, but we can have peace and comfort in the middle of them.

In 2 Corinthians 1, Paul talks about how peace comes from God, that God is the Father of mercies, and is the God of all comfort (vs. 2-3). There are and will be trials, troubles, and tribulations, but God can and will comfort us in the midst of them (vs. 4-11). In many places in Paul’s writings we see that he viewed suffering and loss as an opportunity to know God better and to trust Him more. (See 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 for one instance.)

Everyone suffers, but Christians have another layer to it. When God sends us storms and trials, they aren’t made to crush us, they are made to build us. God loves you, so when He sends you a storm He has something good to give you within it. God will purposely send you more than you can handle so you will turn to Him. Go through the storm with God right next to you, and you will be better for it. God will give you the strength, comfort, and peace you need not only to endure the storm, but also to be stronger after it ends.

God allows storms in our lives not just for us to receive His comfort, but also so we can extend His comfort to others. When you’ve been through a storm, you can connect more easily with someone else who is going through one. God has led you through it and the aftermath, so you’re equipped and prepared to help someone else with your experience. Through the storms He sent, God can give comfort through you. You and others get comfort, and God gets the glory!