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As humans, we take sets of words or actions out of context. Sometimes we do this without knowing there is other context. Sometimes we do this so we can twist things into what we want to see or hear. We don’t even twist things to look bad every time; sometimes we twist things to look better than they are.

Good and bad, we do this with politicians, movie stars, famous musicians, and even people as close as family and friends. Sometimes we do this with movies, books, music, and other art. We make excuses, we remove excuses, we point to the parts we want others to see and hide the parts that we want no one to notice. We even do this with the Bible! We even do this with ourselves!

Can I say that Christians do all this, too? Because we do. On purpose and accidentally just like everyone else, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for anyone. We get in trouble for it like others. Maybe we get into even more trouble since we are the children of God, and any good, loving parent must punish the wrongdoing of their children.

Always look at the context. Find it if you can, and don’t be lazy about it! If you don’t understand the context you can ask for help. Be sure you find the right help and let God guide you in the truth, since He knows it better than anyone. If you can’t find the context you can ask for help, again letting God guide you. Sometimes when it comes to a person you may not get all the context, but be aware that there is context and work with God to help you be more understanding and loving.

Remember, God knows all contexts!