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Sometimes in life we don’t notice good things as much until there’s something different, something bad, or something wrong. Not that we don’t notice good things at all, it’s just sometimes they are highlighted when something around us is not going well.

Light is more noticeable when the area around it is dark. We don’t typically reach to turn on a light unless we can’t see.

We don’t take medicine or worry about remedies if no one is sick. Once you or someone you know is sick, you think more about medicine and remedies.

If you don’t think you need something, you won’t think twice about it until you do need it. The Good News of Jesus’ work for our salvation doesn’t seem that good or urgent when things are going well in life. Once some bad news hits and you’re looking for hope, that’s when the Good News becomes more noticeable as good news.

Love is frequently displayed best when bad things are happening. When life gets tough it requires more love, and when love is displayed in difficult times, it means so much more.

Even in the middle of hardship, God has made good things to shine brighter in contrast. He knows what we need, and makes these things more obvious when we need the most!