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Sometimes God gives me a metaphor so I can understand ideas and parts of life better. This is one of those metaphors.

I knew someone who had some work with God to do in their life. I wanted to help, but at the same time I knew that this was God’s jurisdiction. I figured I could at least hang around to do whatever else I could or that God allowed. But God told me, “No, step back.”

“But God, this person needs help. Can I just hang around for support?”

“Go clean your room, little one.”

My room. My own room. Because I had been distracted from what I needed to be doing myself. I had work with God to do in my own life.

“But this person has a really messy room, can’t I help a little?”

God gently replied, “I will help them. Go clean your own room. Do you trust Me?”


So I cleaned my own room, and let God do what He would. Was it easy? Nope. I often peeked out my door at the other person’s room, and I still got distracted from God telling me how to arrange mine. But God patiently taught me that He will take care of His children as is needful for each one, and that it’s okay if I’m not allowed to help.

Sometimes God will tell you to work on your own room. Sometimes you need to forget about what’s wrong with someone else’s room for a while and let God help you rearrange yours.

For related metaphor that comes to my mind, see Matthew 7:3-5 & Luke 6:41-42.