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I think most, if not all, of us can agree that we don’t stop enough to count our blessings. Sometimes we forget to think about even the “simple” ones, like being alive, having enough to eat, having clothes to wear, and having a place to stay. Sometimes we forget the most important one, having the salvation of God from our sins, through Jesus His Son.

So what is a blessing? In this case, we’re talking about something good that God does to or for you, sometimes on a regular basis. And what do I mean by counting? While you can certainly count out your blessings, often the purpose of this exercise is to acknowledge all that God has done for you, and to praise Him and modify your behavior accordingly.

In Psalm 103, David wrote about good things that God did for him and for the Children of Israel. He talked about how God is merciful, and didn’t always give them what they deserved. He listed specific ways that God treated them.

In Psalm 116, the writer praised God for good things, talking about some trouble he’d been having, and how God helped him through it. He asked what he can render back to God for all the good treatment he has received (v. 12), and continued to talk about how he will behave because of and in response to God’s goodness.

But what about when you’re going through a tough time, and you don’t feel very blessed? God can bless you in the midst of that, too. Just look to and at Him, ask Him for help. (Philippians 4:6-8 & 19) Talk about and thank God for what He has already done. It’s harder when you’re in the midst of trouble, but it’s all the more worth it to count your blessings at these times. Look back gratefully on what God has done, and look forward in faith and trust to what He will do next.