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If you’ve never watched someone deep clean and detail a car inside and out, you might want to take a look. If you find someone good, they clean things you didn’t know could be cleaned. They take things apart and out that I didn’t know could come apart or out. Some of them will even restore and repair damaged pieces. Some even find long lost important items. And boy, does it all take a long time! But when it’s all done, the car looks brand new!

So I started thinking about how God does that in our hearts and minds. When we get saved, God gets to work detailing our lives. He gets into things we didn’t know were a problem. He gets into things we didn’t want to get into. He moves things around, takes them out, puts them back, and gets all the junk and gunk out while He does it. He restores and repairs what is broken. God makes us entirely new, cleaning out the dirt and taking out everything that doesn’t belong. It takes quite a bit of time, but it’s all worth it!

One day we will all be shiny, pristine vehicles!