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I want to die empty. In other words, I want to be well-spent by the time I reach the end of my life. Maybe that’s how I’ll know when it’s time: I will have nothing left to give.

I want God to pour into me so that I can pour out to others. I want all the songs and words inside my head to be outside of my head. I want all of the help and love I can give to be given. I want all of the wisdom I’m learning to be imparted to others. I want God to pour Himself through me so much, that no one notices me. I want to die empty so God gets the glory that He rightfully deserves.

But in order to die empty, I must be empty right now. I must be empty of myself and of all the unnecessary distractions and worries so that I can be full of the Holy Spirit. So in being “empty”, I will actually be very full.