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A week or so ago, I was talking with a friend about how prayer, Bible reading, increasing faith, and building trust in God all go with each other. Each one causes an increase in the others, further increasing each one in a productive circle. We came to the conclusion that it’s just like diet and exercise: Eating right makes you feel more energetic and like exercising, and exercising makes you feel more like eating healthy.

When becoming more like Jesus and building your life around God, you don’t just do one spiritual thing to the exclusion of the others, you do all of them. You may focus on only one at a time, but they all build on each other. Reading your Bible will make you want to talk more with God, and talking with God will make you want to read more of His words. It’s as if we were made to both pray and read our Bibles. It’s as if we were made to diet and exercise.