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In life you will find that not every one thinks the same way you do. Not everyone believes the same way you do. Even people who believe and think most of the same things will still differ with you. But that’s okay. Some of these things are just differences in opinion and operation, not highly important moral issues. God gave us individuality; we’re supposed to be different from each other. It’s much easier to love each other through disagreement when we realize a particular issue isn’t earth-shatteringly important.

But what about when the issue is a highly important moral one? What if I know this other person is actually wrong? You can talk about it. But do be sure to actually communicate and not just talk at the other person. When someone tells you that you are wrong it unsettles you and makes you bristle, even when you know this person is right and they are being very gentle and respectful. Other people feel the same way in that situation, so do be gentle and respectful.

But what if they still think and believe the same wrong thing afterwards? Then that is their decision. Yes you can still talk about it, but don’t overdo it or that person may just go away. You can’t change someone’s mind, only they themselves can do it. It isn’t your job to change their mind anyway. And remember, constant prayer goes much further. The realm of morality is God’s jurisdiction, not yours.

Do you remember how much we and God disagreed before we were saved? God still loved us then. Since being saved sometimes we still disagree with God and He still loves us.

So what do I do if I’m loving like God is, but people still find me disagreeable? There were people who met Jesus in person and saw all the miracles He did, and they found Him disagreeable. Jesus still loved them and showed it.

You can disagree with someone and still love them. Someone can disagree with you and you can still love them. You and someone else can even completely disagree and you can still love them. Think of our greatest example: God loves us every day.