The longer I live (which isn’t really that long right now), the more I realize that a lot of life has to do with discernment. If I were as good at life discernment as I am at discerning when the milk is going bad, I think I’d do a lot better in life. For example:

You need to know when to let go, and when to hold on for dear life.

You need to know when to say nothing, and when to say something. If you do say something, you also need to know whether or not you need to say everything.

You need to know when you are supposed to be working and doing, and you need to know when you are supposed to stand aside and let God do and work.

You need to know the difference not only between good and bad, but between right and almost right.

You need to know the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Some people have a firm grasp of a few of these concepts. Some people do not have a grasp at all. Some people have some grasp, but the execution isn’t going so well. But whether we have a grasp and can execute things or not, we will still be learning new things about discernment for the rest of our lives.

But remember that you don’t have to learn it alone. God is always generous when you ask for help!

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