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When Jesus came to earth as a baby, He came to die on the cross to pay a price for sin that we cannot pay, and to rise again from the dead to give us life. God divinely interrupted us! Christmas leads to Easter!

But sometimes we don’t follow that all the way through. We like Jesus as a baby because babies are cute and can’t do much. Jesus fully claiming His identity as the Son of God, dying on the cross, and rising again, that’s where it starts to get “dangerous.” Since Jesus is God’s Son and since we have a massive sin problem that He loved us enough to save us from, that means we have a choice to make. We must respond to what God has done.

When you agree with God about who you are and you accept and take what He has done for you, that means He gets to tell you what to do. God takes a hold of, apprehends or seizes if you will, your life! But not in a bad way. God sweeps you up in love and takes you on an adventure! God has made you for a reason and has great plans for you! Don’t worry about whether or not you’ll like how things go, because if you are listening to God you will love it!

God made you for the plan and the plan for you. Let God seize you! Let God apprehend you! Let God sweep you up and lead you onward!