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We have plans and things to do. We do some of these things every day. We do some of these things on special occasions. Some of these things aren’t done yet.

But sometimes God interrupts us – or at least that’s how we see it.

In the midst of our busy day, in the midst of the usual activities, something comes up. It could be small. It could be huge. Regardless of what it is and how big it is, God put it there on purpose. He has plans, too. He had plans first, actually.

Does God expect you to drop everything and to come when He calls? Of course He does! If you think that’s unfair, then you may need to take another look at who God is. He created everything including you (Genesis 1-2), He sent His Son to die and rise again to rescue you (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), He is King, forever, immortal, and all-knowing (1 Timothy 1:17), and He loves you more than anyone else ever can (Romans 8:28-29). When you give your life to God, you do just that. You belong to God. He gets to tell you what to do because that is how it works, and it is fair. Do you believe that God knows everything and that He loves you? He will always take care of you, even if He tells you to do something that you don’t want to do.

So here comes this Divine Interruption into your life. There it is, right in front of you. God has something for you to learn. God even has something for someone else to learn. Your problems can also be someone else’s problems. Your blessings can also be someone else’s blessings. What you do will affect others. What others do will affect you. What God does will affect everyone.

God knows what He’s doing. This may have interrupted you, but God knew it was there. Trust Him to do good with it.

You can’t always see what God has in mind. Sometimes you see it later. Sometimes you never see it. Sometimes you only see part of it and will learn the rest in Heaven. But rest assured that God is doing something wonderful, even if this interruption is extremely hard to cope with.

Remember God knows it is there. He put it there to do something good. You may not know what it is, and I don’t know what it is. But God knows, and that’s what matters.