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You may have heard of the Divine Right of Kings. This is a claim that has been used and misused by human kings to solidify their complete control and authority over a kingdom. Depending on the form of government to which you are accustomed, monarchy may be an abstract concept for you. You know that it means a single king has absolute and full control and authority over his kingdom, but you may not have a good reference point for what it looks like, or even what it should look like. As far as human rulers are concerned, monarchy can be good or bad depending entirely on the king in power at the time. But let us remember, authority is God’s idea. God knows who is in power and when, and He can remove or set up whoever He wishes (Daniel 2:21). But let us remember again, God does have rules as to how authority works. Humans may disregard or uphold these rules. We may abuse power or we may lead and govern well.

But let’s talk about kingship. You may not fully grasp God’s position as the King of kings. He is loving and good, yet let’s focus on the full authority here. Let me be clear: God is not a token royal. God is not in power under a king. God is not a president. God is not any other elected official. God is THE King. He has absolute authority. God gets to tell you what to do. You can choose to disobey, but that is rebelling against authority – the Highest Authority at that. God has the power and the right to do whatever He wants. God not only has Divine Right, He is divine.

Does God have Divine Right over your life?