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Yesterday I was listening to my dad teach Sunday School. One of the things that stuck out was getting on God’s timetable. God doesn’t view or do time like we do. He invented it and sees it all at once, so while we’re sitting here in a hurry wishing God would do or say something, He’s in no rush at all because He has everything exactly on schedule and things will happen when they should. He will move and He will answer when it is time.

This got me thinking about tempo, or the beat of music. Sometimes tempo is faster or slower, depending on the song or the part of the song you’re in. Sometimes it’s steady the whole time. Sometimes the rhythms make the tempo feel different, or the tempo changes the feel of the rhythms. But whatever the tempo, it essentially times when the notes are played. God knows when certain events in time need to be played, and we need to get a feel for His tempo rather than our own.

God’s timing and tempo are divine, and our human understanding will not always be able to grasp and keep proper time if we don’t closely listen to and watch Him. God knows more about music theory than you do. God knows more about time and space than you do.