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When teaching the little kids at church, I’ve started asking them if they have any questions after a lesson. Typically they don’t, or at least not questions that have to do with the lesson, but sometimes kids come up with really great questions that you need to think over before answering.

During Vacation Bible School, one of the kids asked why we can’t see God. God is a spirit and is also outside of the bounds of space and time, so that gets a little difficult to explain if a particular child doesn’t understand those concepts yet.

The same child also asked if Jesus was a ghost when He rose from the dead. I explained and prompted him to remember what we’d just talked about: Jesus had gone to see His friends after He came back to life, and told them to look at Him and touch Him to see that He was real and not a ghost.

If you want pointed questions, ask an adult to give you a question. It gets especially fun if this person does not share your beliefs and is calling them into question.

Knowing what you believe and why you believe it is important. It is also important to be able to kindly and politely explain and discuss it with others. The Bible itself says these are important in 1 Peter 3:15.

When you can’t explain your beliefs and why, it can make you look like you don’t actually have good reasons for them. Being able to explain your beliefs and why can be helpful to those who want to know about them.