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It’s difficult to do what’s right. Even a child can tell you. A child actually has told me. The rules are simple, the way to follow the rules is simple but, “It’s really hard to be good.” We humans are not naturally obedient to God.

Fortunately we have God’s help. When the Holy Spirit is in you and you listen to Him, it becomes more and more natural to obey God.

Doing what’s right gets both easier and harder as we get older. We have more practice at doing what’s right, but the questions and situations get bigger and have more consequences. And then comes another little difficulty: sometimes what is right doesn’t please everyone like it did when you were little. Even if you do the right thing someone will be upset with you.

So the attitude we take sometimes is, “Well I’ll just show them!” But this isn’t what God has called us to do. God called us to be faithful to Him, to obey Him no matter who likes it or who doesn’t. We are made to please God.

The point is summed up in a little phrase I found in a book: You don’t have to prove others wrong to do what is right.