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Let’s talk about what happened in Ezekiel 27:1-14. Can you imagine how scarily amazing that must have been?! For starters I just wonder what I would do if God zipped me over to somewhere else, bodily or otherwise. Then I wonder how I would have responded when God asked, “Can these bones live?”

Ezekiel had the right answer. “Lord, you know.” So God told Ezekiel what to say, and then there was shaking and a noise as the bones all clattered together into skeletal form. But just having bones put together wasn’t enough. God was picturing a metaphor in one of the most creative ways I’ve ever seen Him do it. He didn’t just put bones together, He put sinew, muscle, flesh, and skin on them! But He still wasn’t done! God sent breath into them and they lived!

God was telling the people of Israel something very important. Even though they were like dry bones themselves with no hope, God could still revive them. This is the same God we serve today, and He doesn’t change. So because God can revive literal dry bones as well as figurative ones, He can revive you no matter where you’re at in life!