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Now that Easter Sunday is over, a lot of people are going right back to their lives as if Jesus never resurrected. Even some Christians are doing it! We have a tendency to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and get over it sometimes, feeling revived on Sunday but feeling dead once more on Monday.

Celebrating Jesus’ resurrection is something we do on Easter and every Sunday of course, but there’s no reason we can’t enjoy the resurrection on any other day. Jesus’ death and resurrection to pay for our sins and give us eternal life doesn’t just benefit us once when we get saved, and then once more when we die and go to Heaven; Jesus’ work on the cross and rising from the tomb means we have full access to God! We can have help, hope, peace, and joy right now in the midst of our lives, be the issues mundane and everyday or life-altering and scary.

We Christians don’t have to live like we’re dead, and we shouldn’t live that way. We have been made alive by Jesus! The resurrection of Jesus is not just for one or two points in life, it’s for every day! Shouldn’t that show up in our lives so we can share that life-altering experience with others?