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Written with help from my youngest sister, Opal.

It’s the time of year where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus the Messiah! But sometimes we get distracted and need to look through all the cute bunnies and chicks and colorful eggs to see what we’re really celebrating. Sometimes it becomes a little too familiar and going to church is just something to do, a mere tradition, for that Sunday.

How do we forget the real reason for Easter? Have we really become so washed up in chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs that we forget the amazing reason we have hope as Christians?

Jesus, who is actually God, died. God died. Why? Because we are naturally sinful and needed a perfect payment for our sin. Because God loves us and wants us to be able to go to Heaven to live with Him for eternity because we are His beloved children. Because God wants to walk us through life as we live for Him and His glory.

But then God rose again! He’s God, why would He stay dead? And in rising again, He demonstrated what was already done before He created the world. God is stronger than death. God has the control of death! And one day everyone who believes that Jesus has done all this and believes in Him will rise from the dead, too!